Najbolji opisi epizoda serija koje ste gledali

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Najbolji opisi epizoda serija koje ste gledali

Post by Overseer » Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:37 pm

"Riker trolls Picard with some statue and some future fucks pester him as well. Why can't a captain just have a vacation?"
"Picard likes to have naked women on board the Enterprise."
"Wesley Crusher and a Tom Paris clone are involved in a spacecraft incident."
"Worf gets measles, Riker pimps on an Amish-Irish wench, and Picard gets perturbed from cultural differences that bring chaos and faggotry to his ship."
"Worf freaks the half Klingon chick he used to try to get with. She acts like a woman from the 90's and so Worf makes her palm bleed. Plus Worf takes control of the Enterprise to stop some old school Klingons from destroying some Federation outposts and such."
"The Enterprise encounters a planet of oiled-up blondes who hump everything in sight, and protect poor widdle Wesley from execution. They proceed to lecture the planet god about "justice.""
"Our favorite starship encounters an angry spaceslug. In the meantime, a lonely Geordi meets up with the bitchass starfleet engine specialist Lea Brahms who kicks him in the proverbial groin, nuts, face and what not in rapid sucession for all our amusement."
"Troi's mama is looking for ass as usual."
"Data and a psycho beam aboard a flying coconut."
Mislim da mi je čitanje opisa epizoda bilo zabavnije od gledanja istih. :D
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