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Bought these in natural for our camp trailer, washed and dried them as recommended by the manufacturer, and they are the cosiest, softest flannel sheets I've ever slept in. I read the reviews complaining about the lint but that pretty typical with any flannel type sheet. They fit great, feel great and there's not a better buy on the market. I'm purchasing a second set today.
EL Kang
I wear a suit every day and am on feet for a good portion of the day. I have found that ECCO shoes hold up the best for the price and are good on my feet and back. Don't go cheap when it comes to your feet!
Ashual Manu
I've been buying these Champion tank tops for a long time, but this one is the best they've ever produced, and the sole reason I'm writing this review.
The shirts are 100% cotton of course (a necessity if you've ever been in a Memphis summer). What makes them special is the heaviness of the material, and the fact that the reinforcing around the neck hole arm holes is also extremely heavy and well stitched. This is a good looking, well made shirt, well worth the money.
Fernanda Teodora

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